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Our Services

Art Intelligence Global offers a full suite of comprehensive services, delivering unrivaled solutions to our unique range of clients.

Collection Development and Management

Whether you have an established collection or are just beginning your collecting journey, AIG will provide advice on how to ensure that your collection reflects your personal goals and interests, identifying potential timely opportunities for both accession and deaccession based on proprietary market intelligence. We will advise on loans and donations and assist with research and facilitating condition reports and authentication services as needed.

Transactional Expertise and Guidance

Should you wish to sell works from your collection, AIG will provide transactional expertise and guidance, overseeing the process of soliciting sales proposals from primary and secondary market venues and negotiating on your behalf to ensure the best possible terms. Our in-house team of lawyers will review contracts and our specialists will ensure that works are presented optimally, with the best marketing plans and presentation to yield the highest possible returns.


The AIG team’s combined 50 years of secondary and primary art market experience puts us in a uniquely unrivalled position to advocate on your behalf.

Market Analysis & Insights

The AIG team’s decades of experience in the art world means proprietary intelligence on trends in the market and how they will impact collectors. We will share these insights with you and, while looking at your collection holistically, guide you in timely deaccession and acquisition decisions, as well as future estate and tax planning.

Private Sales

AIG has an unrivalled global network of hundreds of clients and is well-situated to facilitate private sale transactions for both buyers and sellers. We not only have access to top quality works, but also provide buyers and sellers with market data and research to contextualize works within the market.

Strategic Deaccession

Should you be considering deaccessioning works from your collection, AIG will advise on the best strategy and timing for such a decision, considering the impact on your collection as a whole as well as the tax, legal and financial implications of a sale or donation. Unlike traditional advisory firms, financial and legal advice is not siloed—AIG’s partners and their respective teams have a holistic knowledge and skill set that results in a cohesive, coordinated effort on all fronts.

Legacy & Fiduciary Planning

AIG’s in-house team of fiduciary and estate planning experts will provide bespoke advisory services that meet your family’s specific needs. We will examine art asset ownership structures and advise on critical tax, legal, and family governance implications that should be taken into consideration when planning for future generations.

Services to Family Offices

AIG works closely with top family offices from around the world in order to provide a full menu of services, from private sales to legacy and fiduciary planning to transactional guidance and insights. We will prepare a bespoke strategic plan that meets each family’s very specific and nuanced needs.

Artist Estate and Career Planning

AIG works with artists and their estates to advise on legacy building and estate planning. With decades of art market, financial, and legal expertise, AIG can help artists and their estates navigate the market and plan for long-term strategies, including guidance and creative ideas for strategic artist + brand partnerships.

Valuations and Appraisals

Art Intelligence Global offers a variety of appraisal services, including for insurance, collection management, collateral loan, gift tax, and charitable donation purposes. Our specialists are certified under the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice guidelines.

Project Management

Upon embarking on a large-scale consignment or estate planning project with AIG, we will act as your single point of contact, facilitating all details from A to Z. Our team will ensure no issue is too small to be handled with care. Our team’s years of expertise in the financial, legal, and auction worlds means that we understand the inner-workings of the art market and can stay one step ahead at every stage.

Logistics Coordination

AIG will manage all consignment logistics for private sales including shipment, storage, condition reports, photography, and research.

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