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Tatler Asia

Yuki Terase | Tatler’s Asia’s Most Influential 2022

Nov 22

Yuki Terase, Founding Partner, Art Intelligence Global, is named Tatler’s Asia’s Most Influential 2022. After making her name as a pioneer and record breaker as head of contemporary art in Asia for Sotheby’s, Yuki Terase left in 2021 to establish art advisory firm Art Intelligence Global (AIG) as a founding partner.

South China Morning Post

How banks can help make art more accessible as Hong Kong’s reputation grows as Asia’s arts and culture capital

Nov 22

Yuki Terase, a veteran contemporary art specialist and founding partner of international art advisory firm, Art Intelligence Global, says support from the financial sector has long been crucial in helping the art scene thrive.

Prestige Hong Kong

First Look:  Yuki Terase Walks Us Through Art Intelligence Global’s Hong Kong HQ

10 Aug 22

Stepping into Art Intelligence Global, you can’t help but feel immersed in the white-walled effortlessness. But cant your head a few degrees upwards and it’s all exposed concrete; a nod towards the “industrial” and another nod towards the space as it used to stand — and all the others similarly built in Wong Chuk Hang.

The Value

When fashion meets art: Onitsuka Tiger turns its London flagship into a gallery

9 Aug 22

This summer, a pleasant surprise comes from the well-known Japanese fashion label Onitsuka Tiger and Art Intelligence Global (AIG). When their creative minds collide, the result is Tiger Gallery – an out-of-the-box project that transforms the streetwear brand’s flagship stores into a gallery space.

Artnet News

Seeking to Cultivate Young Collectors, Art Intelligence Global is Teaming Up with a Japanese Streetwear Brand to Stage Roving Shows

25 Jul 22

Art Intelligence Global (AIG), the advisory firm founded last year by former Sotheby’s bigwigs Amy Cappellazzo, Yuki Terase, and Adam Chinn, is moving into the gallery world—and they’re joining forces with a high-profile streetwear brand to do it. 

Artnet News


Why Auction Veteran Saara Pritchard Is Joining Amy Cappellazzo’s New Advisory Firm as a Partner

14 Jun 22

In spring 2020, during the early days of the pandemic lockdown, auction house veteran Saara Pritchard came up with an idea when nearly every art business was scrambling to find ways to keep business moving.

Prestige Hong Kong

March 2022 Print Issue: PEOPLE Profile - Yuki Terase

Mar 22

There’s a new player in the art-advisory scene and it’s helmed by some of the best in the business. Heading its Asian arm is Yuki Terase, a Prestige Women of Power honouree, while co-founders Amy Cappellazzo and Adam Chinn hold down the fort in the West.

Art Market Journal

对话寺濑由纪 | 来自资深当代艺术顾问的市场洞察与收藏建议

14 Feb 22

“过去两年艺术界面临着前所未有的改变:人们如何购买艺术品、如何建立收藏,这些行为和活动都受到了巨大的影响……由于旅行受限,准确地链接和传递专业知识将变得愈发重要,我们希望在这方面发挥作用。”寺濑由纪(Yuki Terase)谈到。

アート専門番組【MEET YOUR ART】


30 Jan 22

今回の「MEET YOUR ART アート講座」では、 現代のアートマーケットで最も注目されるプレイヤーの1人である、 寺瀬由紀さんにお話を伺いました。

The Art Newspaper China


11 Jan 22


Prestige Hong Kong

Prestige Women of Power 2021: Yuki Terase

2 Dec 21

This year, art-industry powerhouse Yuki Terase launched Art Intelligence Global, an art advisory headquartered in Hong Kong and New York. A former head of Contemporary Art at Sotheby’s Asia, she joined forces with Amy Cappellazzo and Adam Chinn (both also ex- Sotheby’s) to take aim at a global market increasingly shaped by younger Asian collectors.

Artnet News Pro

Yuki Terase on Making Inroads with the 'Fast and Nimble' Asian Collectors

1 Dec 21

Terase is probably holding the best hand in the global art market right now: access to the “fast and nimble” young buyers from the East, as she described them. Their position in the art industry spotlight today is the fruit of a collaborative effort in cultivating the Asian market, in which this Japanese auction house specialist-turned art advisor has played an instrumental role.



21 Nov 21

10年にわたってサザビーズで現代美術マーケットの成長をけん引してきた寺瀬由紀。その寺瀬が今年7月、サザビーズを去るというニュースは、美術関連のメディアのヘッドラインを躍らせた。そして11月、新たなアートアドバイザリービジネス「Art Intelligence Global」を立ち上げた。


アジアの現代美術マーケットをけん引 寺瀬由紀

10 Nov 21

金融業界からアートの世界へ ZOZO創業者前澤友作氏のバスキア約125億円購入の立役者

The Japan Times

Powerful auction veterans aim new company at Asian market

21 Oct 21

There has been a rising interest over the past five years among Asian buyers in purchasing Western artists. In Hong Kong, “Untitled (Red Warrior)” by Jean-Michel Basquiat sold for about $21 million at Sotheby’s autumn sale featuring rare artworks, jewellery and ceramics. 

The Art Newspaper

Former Sotheby’s heavyweights form Art Intelligence Global, an art advisory with lofty aims

15 Oct 21

Yuki Terase, the Hong Kong-based co-founder of the advisory firm Art Intelligence Global, thinks NFTs “will revolutionise the way we consume, experience and share art, and this new ecosystem will be largely shaped and driven by new players in the market–strongly led by young Asian collectors.” 

The Value

昔日拍賣場叱咤風雲 專訪合夥創業的東西方當代藝術市場Rainmakers

14 Oct 21

寺瀬由紀 (Yuki Terase)與Amy Cappellazzo兩人合夥成立國際藝術顧問公司賢藝匯 Art Intelligence Global(AIG),於香港及紐約各設總部,「致力為客戶提供精闢藝術市場資訊、量身定制的收藏及融資策略、卓越的藝術研究、 專業知識和項目策劃。」



14 Oct 21

國際藝術顧問公司賢藝匯(Art Intelligence Global) 宣布即日成立,由享譽業界的兩大藝術市場領軍人物寺瀬由紀(Yuki Terase)和艾美.卡佩拉素(Amy Cappellazzo)主理。賢藝匯業務橫跨全球,將致力為客戶提供精準的高端市場諮詢服務、收藏及融資策略、藝術研究、專業知識和項目策劃等。

The Value 


Contemporary Art Rainmakers Yuki Terase and Amy Cappellazzo reveal their new venture

14 Oct 21

Two prominent Contemporary Art rainmakers suddenly left Sotheby’s earlier in the year – raising eyebrows in the art world. After months of wondering what they would do next, news of Yuki Terase and Amy Cappellazzo resurfaced.

Artnet News

Art Market Dynamos Amy Cappellazzo, Yuki Terase, and Adam Chinn Are Betting on Asia with a New Advisory Venture

14 Oct 21

Auction house veterans Amy Cappellazzo, Yuki Terase, and Adam Chinn have banded together to open an art advisory focused on capturing the increasingly fruitful art market in Asia.

Art Market Monitor

Former Auction House Players Launch New Firm with a Focus on Asia's Growing Market

14 Oct 21

Three auction veterans from Sotheby’s are launching a new art advisory firm that will focus on the rising market in Asia. Amy Cappellazzo and Yuki Terase are joining forces to start the advisory firm.


Former Auction House Power Players Launch New Firm with a Focus on Asia's Growing Market.

14 Oct 21

 Amy Cappellazzo and Yuki Terase are joining forces to start the advisory firm. The company, Art Intelligence Global (AIG), will operate internationally between Hong Kong and New York.

The Financial Times


Frieze buzzes with buyers for serious art

14 Oct 2021

Rumours that Sotheby's former rainmaker, Amy Cappellazzo, had joined forces with Yuki Terase, previously head of contemporary art in Asia for the same auction house, turn out to be true. The pair will lead an art advisory business headquartered equally in New York and Hong Kong and with a focus on art as an asset class in a rapidly changing market.

New York Times

Powerful Auction Veterans Aim New Company at Asian Market

13 Oct 21

The market for major collectors in the United States is largely saturated, Cappellazzo said in a joint sit-down interview... "whereas, when you get a whole crop of new collectors they’re much more voracious because they’re starting to build something.”              

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