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JEFF KOONS: 1979-1999

JEFF KOONS, Large Vase of Flowers, 1991


Large Vase of Flowers


polychromed wood

Artist Proof from an edition of 3 plus 1 AP

52 x 43 x 43 in.   132.1 x 109.2 x 109.2 cm.  

© Jeff Koons

傑夫 · 昆斯

Large Vase of Flowers

1991 年作



52 x 43 x 43 英寸,132.1 x 109.2 x 109.2 公分  

© Jeff Koons


Large Vase of Flowers, 1991. The Made in Heaven series is similar to the Banality series in that it’s dealing with acceptance and the removal of judgment, but it’s targeting the beginning of this dislocation—not happening culturally, but happening within the relationship that we have with our own bodies, with our own sexuality, even with the just the concept of procreation. And the whole body of work is opening itself up to the beauty of procreation. The beauty of sexuality and its being. So if you look at the Large Vase of Flowers, it’s like looking at, you know, fifty sexual organs, all there just to procreate, or to be able to have pollination take place, and to participate in the leapfrogging of life’s energy.



Jeff Koons on Large Vase of Flowers

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