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JEFF KOONS: 1979-1999

JEFF KOONS, The Dynasty on 34th Street, 1985


The Dynasty on 34th Street


framed Nike poster

edition 1 from an edition of 2

45½ x 31½ in.   115.6 x 80 cm. 

© Jeff Koons

傑夫 · 昆斯


1985 年作



45½ x 31½ 英寸,115.6 x 80 公分 

© Jeff Koons


The Dynasty on 34th Street, 1985. When I’m working on a series of works, I’m open to everything. I expose myself to everything. So if I’m walking down the street, I’m looking at aquariums, I’m looking at basketballs, I’m looking at posters, and I start to realize how these different objects and images are interconnected—how there’s a narrative taking place. So in the Equilibrium series, I saw the tanks as an ultimate state of being that the viewer would look at and feel that philosophical state as what they would desire—total equilibrium. And then they would look, and they would see a tool for equilibrium. And a tool for equilibrium could be an Aqualung, and it’s in bronze. And if you would put it on, it would take you under. And at the same time they would look and they would see the sirens. And these basketball players would be there like sirens saying, “Go for it. Look, I've done it. You can achieve it too. Go for it.” And Dynasty on 34th Street’s a little daring—there’s a little bit of, “Come on, man, you can do it.” There’s a little bit of a street kind of threat to it, somewhat, “But like, come on, go for it.” I always had a special spot for Dynasty on 34th Street with these kids that really want to achieve something, giving that little bit of threat: “Come on, you can do it.”



Jeff Koons on The Dynasty on 34th Street

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