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Press Release

I love me some life 

This is what’s true

The yellow of the sun

Helps get me throughI grow from the dark

When it rains it’s blue

Nothing stops the bloom

Life loves me too.

David “Mr.StarCity” White

In celebration of London Frieze week, Tiger GalleryTM is delighted to present I Love Me Some Life, an exhibition of eight new paintings by David “Mr.StarCity” White. Mr.StarCity is a multidisciplinary artist whose creative practice spans diverse media, including painting, sculpture, poetry, music, performance, film, and photography. He has been increasingly recognized for his color-filled depictions of real and imagined subjects, which culminate in otherworldly scenes synthesizing the beauty, passion, and conflict of daily life.

This exhibition introduces a new series of paintings titled Blooms, which depict hats blossoming out of undulating plant stems. Using a mixture of acrylic, soil, charcoal and more, Mr.StarCity portrays the whimsical plants in motion, swaying gently in an imaginary breeze, as if on the verge of tipping past the frame. Utilizing classical portraiture composition, these works represent the cycle of life. Mr.StarCity says, “Hats are our everyday crowns, and flowers represent the ecosystem of life. In our death, we become topsoil, and that topsoil brings forth new life.”

Accompanying the Blooms are a pair of works that continue Mr.StarCity’s ongoing series of portraiture. The Yellow of the Sun features a blazing solar golden background, while When it Rains it’s Blue emits electric cyan hues that progress into deep enigmatic indigo. Like the plants in Blooms, the figures in these portraits wear hats – the crowns that protect us from both sun and rain.

This exhibition is a continuation of themes explored throughout Mr.StarCity’s body of work, reflecting his mixture of affirmation, faith, and hope in the human condition. Joyful and buoyant, the canvases symbolize the human need for each other to heal and grow. Through his work, Mr.StarCity confidently communicates a possibility for a bright and uplifting future.

David “Mr.StarCity” White (b. 1979) lives and works in New York. Solo exhibitions of his work have been held at Salon 94, New York; WOAW Gallery, Hong Kong; Kantor Gallery, Los Angeles; and more. His work has also been featured in group exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Berlin, Switzerland, and Tel Aviv, amongst others. I Love Me Some Life is Mr.StarCity’s first solo exhibition in the United Kingdom.

Mr. Starcity: "I Love Me Some Life"

11 October — 26 November 2022
Installation Views
Individual Works
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