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JEFF KOONS: 1979-1999

JEFF KOONS, Hair, 1999




oil on canvas

108 x 79¼ in.   274.3 x 201.3 cm.  

© Jeff Koons



1999 年作


108 x 79¼ 英寸,274.3 x 201.3 公分  

© Jeff Koons


Hair, 1999. Hair from the Easyfun series comes through collecting different imagery, whether it’s from a box that a product came in, or from seeing an ad in a different magazine. I would collect this different imagery and then see which images had some connection—some type of dialogue with each other. And so it’s really kind of a celebration in a pop tradition of working with dislocated imagery and tying it all together. I can look at the hair and I can think of symbols of absolute femininity and the history of femininity, and with the chocolate chip cookie splashing in the milk, and the pool toy in the background, there’s the sensual quality of moisture. It’s an image that just wants to be absorbed and to stimulate. It’s an image that just wants to reveal itself quickly and have a freshness about it.



Jeff Koons on Hair

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