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Press Release

July 7, 2023, Hong Kong:  56 Henry and Art Intelligence Global are thrilled to jointly present FOUND IN TRANSLATION, a group exhibition featuring works by Christopher K. Ho, Cynthia Talmadge, David Roy, Jo Messer, Kayode Ojo, Kevin Reinhardt, Kevin Zucker, and Laurie Simmons. The exhibition is organized by Eleanor Rines, founder of 56 Henry.    


“Hotel rooms,” British playwright Tom Stoppard wrote, “inhabit a separate moral universe”. If travel removes us from our daily lives, the hotel as a makeshift home ad interim situates us at the liminal space between the familiar and the unknown, the public and the private, comfort and vulnerability, discovery and escape. Taking the site of the hotel as a point of departure, the exhibition FOUND IN TRANSLATION is envisioned as a sequel to Sophia Coppola’s notable 2003 comedy-drama film, “Lost in Translation” and explores the seduction of anonymity, the hotel as a physical and social space, transgressing boundaries, and chance connection. 

About 56 Henry:

56 HENRY is an American contemporary art gallery owned by Eleanor Rines. The gallery represents twelve artists and has two locations in New York, at 56 Henry Street and 105 Henry Street. Established in August 2015, 56 HENRY was among the first to open in New York's Two Bridges neighborhood of Lower Manhattan, bordering Chinatown, in what is now a vibrant gallery district. The gallery has quickly become known for its dynamic programming showcasing unique emerging and established artists from around the globe. 

About Art Intelligence Global:

Founded in 2021 by art market forces Amy Cappellazzo and Yuki Terase, ART INTELLIGENCE GLOBAL offers an unrivaled breadth of expertise and a holistic understanding of every corner of the market. With headquarters in New York and Hong Kong, AIG delivers bespoke services to a range of clients on a global scale.

Found in Translation

7 July — 25 August 2023
Hong Kong
Installation Views
Individual Works
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